Slow Car Fast

The Slow Car Fast fleet is made up of cars that are interesting for one reason or another. Generally, they tend to be motoring icons. All of them are fun to drive.

Here are their stories.

The newest member of the fleet. Janel demanded a cool little black coupe with a big rumble. So that's what she got - the heart of a 1998 LS1 Camaro shoehorned into an unsuspecting British car and running on Miata suspension. It's a slow car, made fast.
January 5, 2014 - The MG's seen some action.

The Targa Miata was built from the ground up to run in the Targa Newfoundland - and it did very well. A fantastic suspension, rock-solid chassis, high-output naturally aspirated engine and a Martini paint job. All built and painted in my home garage. Then it was rebuilt to run in the Open class with a strong V8.
Seen in Forever MX5 magazine and Grassroots Motorsports as well as various catalogs and ads.
July 1, 2015 - Track day!

It's the fastest car in the Slow Car Fast fleet. But it's still a giant-killer. A homebuilt car that can take on opponents like the Ariel Atom on equal grounds, and run around a racetrack as fast as anybody else at the track day. It's the subject of How To Build A Cheap Sports Car and seen in Car and Driver, Grassroots Motorsports and Kit Car.
August 9, 2009 - I had a Traqmate datalogger in the Targa car this weekend when I was at the track.

It's a slow car, but a fast house. Although, true to form for the fleet, it's had a motor swap in the form of a Subaru engine. This will be our fun weekend away from home vehicle - and it's an opportunity to modify a car with a different purpose than usual.
October 15, 2014 - We have a fairly big solar panel that's stored inside but easy to deploy.

More fun per cubic foot than anything else. An original Mini. The classic slow car that is a complete riot to drive fast. Seriously, this thing does not obey the laws of physics.
More cubic feet than anything else. Back in 1966, they made Cadillacs big, shiny and solid. And yes, it's been to Vegas. Naturally.

The slowest car in the fleet, and one that gets driven really slow. Really slow over rocks and sand and mud and anything else that appears to be between him and his chosen destination. Dragged blinking into the sunlight after a decade-long nap in a barn, Basil is a 1967 Land Rover who got resurrected. A fan favorite.
Seen in Land Rover World and 4x4 And Sport Utility magazines

This little 1990 Miata is Janel's sunny day and track car. It's turbocharged with a bunch of modifications that make it not only faster, but more comfortable. We take it on long trips as well as using it to bomb around town. Of course, it's also seen a fair bit of track use because it's both fun and easy to drive fast.

Not a slow car by any stretch of the imagination. Able to leap entire states in a single bound and fitted with enough horsepower to keep anyone happy, the big black BMW is the "real car" of the fleet.