Slow Car Fast

So, who is this guy who just can't seem to leave cars alone? That would be me.

I've always been interested in mechanical things. Like every little boy, I was fascinated by dinosaurs, then space, then cars...and I got stuck on cars. When I was young, I'd devour car magazines. I discovered fundamental mechanical principles using my Lego Technic. Eventually, I started working on bicycles by disassembling and rebuilding one - right down to the bearings in the rear freewheel.

In the late 80's, I was starting to notice that cars were adding power but also adding weight at the same time. I started to wonder why car makers didn't just make cars lighter instead. Mazda read my mind and introduced a new lightweight roadster called the Miata. A few years later, I managed to buy a Miata as my first car and started to tinker with it. That turned out pretty well in the long run.

It wasn't just about working on cars, though. I ran my first autocross in 1993, moved on to driving on the track in 2001 and now run a trackday organization and rack up a couple of dozen days at speed every year. I've also spent a fair bit of time off-road, working as a trail leader for the National Land Rover rally in Moab.

And of course, I'm not just a Miata nut. I'm a car nut. Thus the interesting cars in the garage. I'm also blessed with a wife who not only understands this, but who also enjoys driving and who is my rally navigator.

My involvement with the Miata community eventually led to a job offer from Flyin' Miata, and I moved from my native Canada to Colorado in order to play with Miatas full time in 2001. I'm still there. I'm pretty lucky - I'm one of those rare people who, given financial freedom to do anything, would probably continue doing exactly what I do every day.

Enough about me. The stories of the cars are a lot more interesting. Go check them out for yourself.